Saturday, 7 June 2008

Moon Pirates

This is my first blog entry, so i'll try and keep it short! At the moment, im in Cardiff, working on a short film "Moon Pirates." Written and Directed by Allyn Thomas,
 I got onto the character designs. 

The First is the Pirate Captain, the only direction i had on the design was the word "BEEFY!"
 so here he is, in all his glory!

We also needed a "Generic Pirate". 
A Character that could be used more than once, that we could adapt for different scenes. 

Finally, My characters modeled in 3D!! Thanks to Ben Morgan and Matt Partridge for this! 


Allyn said...

more, more, MORE! welcome to the world of blogging ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome James! Looks like a fun project! Looking forward seeing more!